New Book Blog!

Welcome to my book blog!

This is actually my second attempt at blogging about books: I started one last year it, posted every night for a week, but never actually added links or told anyone about it.   So it didn’t go real far, but I’m back in the ring to take another swing, as AC/DC would say. 

 I love reading about many different topics: sports; social justice; Chicago; and history are just some of my favorites.  My vision for this blog is to share my thoughts about what I am reading with whoever is interested and to hear where other people are with their reading.   

Other loves: my wife Dunreith; our son Aidan; family and friends; writing and reading; South Africa and other social justice movements; large portions of high quality food at low prices; basketball and sports in general;  memory; stories; and travel.

Other facts: 42 years old; hair grey; eyes blue; grew up in Brookline, Mass., live in Evanston, Illinois with Dunreith and Aidan; work for The Chicago Reporter  after having worked in education for 15 years. 


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